What MPS Does For Companies, Beyond Reducing Operating Costs

Posted by on Apr 9, 2018

Learn how Managed Prints Services (MPS) can be your key to a better, greener workplace.

In our February blog, Hungate Business Services sounded the alarm related to controlling printing costs: If left unchecked, they can eat up as much as 3 percent of a typical company’s total revenue – making them the third largest expense businesses face annually after payroll and rent.

We pointed out that partnering with us to acquire Managed Print Services (MPS) – one of our primary offerings – could bring these costs down by as much as 30 percent. While cutting costs is reason enough for adopting MPS, there are other important benefits that make it worthy of consideration. We’ve explained three of these below.

Other Ways Managed Print Services Help Businesses

  • Refines Office Workflow. If you’re interested in MPS, a first step is to allow Hungate technicians to come in and do an assessment of your office environment. During this process, we will determine if you’re using the right printing equipment for addressing daily tasks. For example, we may find that one multi-function device correctly placed in your workplace may be the most efficient tool, in addition to having a networked, high-quality scanner for digitizing and storing data.
  • Research tells us the average office worker prints 34 pages each day; however, only 28 of these actually get used. The remainder either get tossed or recycled. While proper equipment placement can improve workflow, collecting data over time through your monitoring software will also offer insight into changes that would make your work processes more efficient and economical.
  • Increases Efficiency & Productivity. Time and time again, we see offices that have one or more employees (normally IT people) who are assigned to act as the printer technician when shut-downs or malfunctions occur. This is sure to slow down workflow and eventually weaken productivity.
  • By opting into MPS, you get almost immediate access to trained technicians when you need them. Having MPS also makes shut-downs less likely to occur because of regular preventative maintenance provided due to your MPS partnership. In addition, the software monitoring provides information for configuring printers based on analyzing current print usage, which further optimizes productivity.
  • Facilitates Going Green. By partnering with Hungate for MPS, your office can potentially reduce its print-related waste by as much as 81 percent. How does that happen? First of all, we start by providing the most efficient equipment available (ENERGY STAR devices) that have energy-saving sleep modes, deigned to conserve power. Our equipment also carries simple, but effective, print tools – such as duplex (double-sided) printing, toner saving mode, monochrome printing – that encourage conservation best practices.
  • Through the software monitoring already mentioned, you also have the ability to track office consumption practices – who prints what, how much, and how often – that can lead to operational changes for lowering your company’s consumption of paper and toner. In addition, through MPS, you will no longer have to worry about the proper recycling of used toner cartridges and even out-of-service machines. Hungate handles all that for you – saving raw materials as appropriate and preventing toxic waste from ending up in landfills.

If you would like Hungate to do an audit of your current printing processes, call 276-783-5442 or email our help desk at info@hbsx.com. We’ll work with you to save money and establish best practices in this area.