Should you Consider a Managed Print Service?

Posted by on Mar 3, 2022
managed print service

This question may create even more questions!

  1. What is a Managed Print Service (MPS)?
  2. What are the benefits of a Managed Print Service?
  3. Are there any minimum requirements to have MPS?
  4. Does this process compromise my network?

What is a Managed Print Service?

At HBS, our Managed Print Service covers all specified print devices (i.e. desktop printers and multi-function printers) and is a combination of automatic data collection and service. The service may be remote or on-site depending on the issue.  The data collected covers 5 key areas:

  1. Trays and media (paper) levels
  2. Consumable levels
  3. Meter reads
  4. Alerts (machine issues)
  5. Device availability (visibility on the network)

What are the benefits of a Managed Print Service from HBS?

  1. Improve Business Process – The automatic collection of data shown above allows your business to benefit in several important ways:
    • Eliminate ordering and warehousing consumables – The data collection process allows for automatic replenishment of toner and other consumables in a timely manner. Your organization no longer needs to manage this process.
    • Timely response to issues – In some cases we are alerted to an issue before we receive a service call. This allows us to address the issue before it becomes critical.
    • Meter reads, billing, and reporting – Meters are read automatically without employee input and in many cases a single monthly invoice is sent. Most of our customers also receive a monthly and quarterly report that is broken down by location or department. This allows for the reader to quickly review the usage and cost for each entity.
    • Budgeting and future decision-making – The is no more “black-hole” of costs associated with printers. The reporting we provide allows for an accurate tracking of the costs and the ability to create a meaningful budget. Decision-making is also improved. Below are examples that frequently occur:
      • Device needs to be replaced – When an older model needs to be replaced a solid record of the usage will point to the appropriate replacement model.
      • Unused Device – Sometimes devices in the fleet have little or no usage. The obvious benefit here is that the device can be relocated to someone who needs it and it won’t be necessary to purchase or lease a new device.
      • Device is not suitable for the usage – In the print industry a basic rule of thumb is, “the cheaper the cost of the printer, the more expensive each page will cost to print”. HBS can bring this information to the forefront. Often the cheapest solution is to install a more expensive printer that has a lower cost per page. And there are usually 2 additional benefits – faster and more reliable service.
  1. Lower Cost – The normal “business logic” is that to get something better, you have to pay more to get it. We do a free assessment for our prospective MPS customers. Our proposal shows a “current vs. proposed” analysis. In almost every case we have found that our service reduces the customer’s current cost or provides the benefits listed above for about the same cost as they are currently spending.

Are there any minimum requirements for a Managed Print Service?

The two main factors we consider are the (1) number of print devices and (2) total number of monthly impressions. As a general rule, we think either or both of the following should be true: (a) 10 or more print devices (b) 10,000 or more impressions per month. A cost benefit is unlikely to be present if neither of these criteria are met.

Does this process compromise my network?

The short answer is “No”. If properly installed, the data collection software will not create any additional risks to your network. The button below will open a detailed explanation that can be read by a technical person and provide answers to any network vulnerability concerns.

If you have additional questions, you can call us at (800) 827-5424 or (276) 783-5442 or contact us here.