13 Photos: Why Businesses NEED VoIP!

Posted by on Sep 17, 2015

Over the last few years, as cloud communications have continued to grow, hundreds of thousands of words have been written about the benefits of converting to VoIP. Hungate Business Services has even contributed to that word count from time to time! But sometimes pictures can tell the story better than any amount of column-inch verbiage. To that end, we’ve gathered a lighthearted collection of photos to illustrate why businesses should seriously consider HBS VoIP for office needs.

1. You need VoIP if your fax machine still looks like this:

1Faxes get a bad rap as outdated technology, but they still have many legitimate business uses. That doesn’t mean you should have to deal with a dinosaur. With fax over VoIP technology, long wait times can be eliminated, faxes can be signed electronically, you can be notified via mobile alerts and much more.

2. You need VoIP if you use and stock up on paper like this:

2Missing faxes because your machine ran out of paper is infuriating and unnecessary. By switching to a VoIP fax system, you can send and receive faxes over email.

3. You need VoIP if your business phone looks like this:

3Outdated telephone technology makes life harder than it has to be. Replacing old equipment with a VoIP system is an inexpensive update for any office.

4. You need VoIP if your desk looks like this:

4Messages. Notes. Faxes. Files. While a fully paperless office may still be the stuff of fantasy, with the help of VoIP and cloud technology, streamlining communication can go a long way toward reducing the clutter.

5. You need VoIP if your main office line is always tied up.

5Everyone in your company deserves their own extension! VoIP can accommodate as many lines as you need, virtually. No more expensive, time-consuming line installations. Just configure and go.

6. You need VoIP if your call handling feels like this:

6Move call handling into the 21st century. You can fully integrate in-house or managed call handling services into your VoIP system for a fraction of the time, money and effort you would spend on a traditional system.

7. You need VoIP if your hold music is stuck in a time warp.

7It might sound frivolous, but if you have ever been stuck on hold, suffering through endless minutes of dreadful disco, you will know that hold music matters. When dealing with VoIP service, it’s quick and easy to customize hold music so customers can appreciate your good taste in tunes.

8. You need VoIP if you need to manually 3-way dial to add someone to a call.

8Dialing is dead. With VoIP and the current generation of cloud communication technologies, bringing people into a call can happen at the click of a button.

9. You need VoIP if you’re still paying for long-distance calling.

9These days, all business is international. VoIP gives you global reach for a fraction of the cost when compared to traditional long-distance fees. Shred your phone bill and enjoy the freedom of VoIP.

10. You need VoIP if you’re still paying for caller ID and all those other extra features.

10All those little charges add up to a big stack of bills. Traditional carriers charge a fortune for features that come standard with VoIP. Why pay when you don’t have to?

11. You need VoIP if you’re traveling to meetings instead of video conferencing.

11Video conferencing shrinks the world. From big client meetings to everyday telecommuting, the ability to set up a virtual meeting will save you staggering amounts of time and money.

12. You need VoIP if you’re dragging every job applicant into your office for an interview.

12Pre-screening job applicants can be tough: sometimes a phone call just is not enough. Video interviews give you the opportunity to develop a better sense of the person behind the resume before you ever call them in for a face-to-face.

13. You need VoIP if you need a smarter way to go mobile.

13Mobile is the buzzword of the moment, and VoIP is an amazing way to keep everyone connected at a fraction of the cost. You can give your employees greater flexibility and productivity while drastically reducing communication expenses.

VoIP is not the future: It’s the present. Cutting-edge technology doesn’t have to be intimidating. A vibrantly competitive market means that costs are low and user-friendly interfaces abound. By moving your business phone to VoIP, you’re giving yourself the edge needed to stay relevant and profitable.