Law Firms: “Listen Up”

Posted by on Sep 4, 2017

New digital solutions for document management can save your office thousands of dollars annually. Why not give it a try?

The legal profession is one of the most document-driven industries in the world – due to having to capture and/or record almost everything that occurs for each client. One researcher estimates that attorneys handle an average of 70 communications and documents daily or about 26,000 documents per year. And that number is rising due to increased use of digital tools.

Despite this awareness, most law offices – about 74 percent – still use traditional methods of data storage and document management, even though more efficient options exist. Hungate Business Services would like law professionals to consider a switch to digital “capture automation,” which, when combined with document management software, makes offices more efficient and cost effective to run.

As an authorized reseller of products developed by Square 9 Softworks, we’ve seen huge success with GlobalSearch® and GlobalCapture® – this company’s document management system, which can be custom-configured to integrate with any legal firm’s normal procedures and requirements.

In one case study published by Square 9, the law firm of Stephen Plopper & Associates based in Indianapolis, Indiana, reported that in the first six months of using the system, the office had stored 300 documents with GlobalSearch, representing more than 3,000 pages of material. Based on an average of now taking only five minutes to process each document, versus 25 minutes previously, the software had already saved this office more than 100 attorney hours collectively – worth well over $16,000.

“GlobalSearch has increased our productivity four or five times for document procession activities, freeing up time that can be used for other tasks,” stressed attorney Stephen Plopper.

Many law offices hesitate to embrace digital solutions for fear of putting client information at risk or violating regulatory procedures. But in reality, the opposite is true. Digital solutions provide enhanced security (through use of user-based permissions) and can customize document management processes so they more effectively address regulatory compliance issues.

Below are other key advantages of using a document management system:

  • Fast, firm-wide access to case files and elimination of paper-based filing costs.
  • Convenient integration of all related data – including discovery pleadings, evidence files, deposition transcripts and emails.
  • Easier collaboration between attorneys and litigation teams due to giving counsel and clients access to documents.
  • The ability to search and locate client records based on client name, matter number, docket number or keyword searching – all with the click of a mouse.
  • Easy export of case files for distribution to opposing counsel and the courts.

If your organization is interested in an enterprise document management system to reduce costs, improve service and increase productivity, Hungate would be glad to discuss options. Just call us at 276-243-4026 or email our help desk at