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Reduce Costs through HBS Managed Print Services

Studies show that many businesses are lax about tracking or managing their printing costs. Industry estimates indicate that for every $1 spent on printing – for toner, ink and other supplies – companies spend another $9 on managing their printing environments. This includes time spent placing purchase orders or driving to pick up supplies.

Don’t let your company or organization fall victim to unchecked or unnecessary printing costs.

Hungate Business Services (HBS) provides managed print services to help companies operate more efficiently and control their printing costs. We will conduct an audit of your current situation and suggest the best equipment for updating and optimizing your printing operations. As an authorized reseller of Xerox, Lexmark and Konica Minolta products, HBS offers lower per-unit pricing and can expertly guide you in choosing the most appropriate equipment for your office needs. As your print management provider, we assume daily responsibility for meeting all your printing needs, including oversight of equipment, supplies and overall management of your printer fleet.

HBS Managed Print Services

    • Accurately Track Printing/Copying Costs
    • Simplify Processes
    • Reduce Costs  (as much as 30 percent)
    • Need more information on what Managed Print Services can do for you? Give us a call!

Vertical Integration

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We Can Save You Money, Time and Worry

While hiring a consultant to manage printing services may seem excessive, in reality it is a key to saving cash for your business. HBS regularly reduces printing/copying costs for companies by at least 10 to 30 percent by streamlining processes, tracking expenses, eliminating waste and making your components more efficient. Notably, your equipment alerts us automatically of supply and service needs, freeing your resources from the purchasing and maintenance hassle of your print fleet. Our managed print services make printing simple and easy, so you can concentrate on your core business.

Need print management? Contact Hungate Business Services at (800) 827-5424 or (276) 783-5442. We serve Southwest Virginia, East Tennessee and Southern West Virginia.

Local Healthcare Provider Adopts New Technology to Improve Workflow

Posted on May 17, 2013

We’re happy to share a solution that we recently implemented for Highlands Community Services (HCS), a local healthcare provider that had served the Washington County and Bristol, Virginia, area for more than 40 years. HCS had multiple copier vendors and struggled to keep up with service and supplies. Hungate Business Services applied Fleetview software to give them a turn-key solution that eliminated the need to constantly monitor supply levels. We also identified key users in each location and now make them the main point of contact for any service or supply needs.

Below is what Kristi Brown, contract and procurement manager at Highlands Community Services, shared with us:

About a year or so ago, we switched to a direct lease agreement with Hungate Business Services. This made complete sense from not only a financial perspective, but also from a service point of view. I feel that we are now at a point where all of the ‘growing pains’ have been worked out, and the program is for the most part a well oiled machine. I wanted to give you some feedback about our experience, since it has worked out so well for us.

“The machines are very smart, too smart sometimes actually – the fact that the machine monitors the number of prints/supply levels and significantly reduces our time managing these machines. When a supply item dips below a certain threshold, it triggers an automatic replenishment process which prompts Hungate to send us the supplies that the machine will need soon. This works out well and ensures that when the machine truly is “out” that we will have a replacement toner, waste container, etc., on hand and ready to go. In theory, this means no downtime for us.

“The local service aspect of our lease is incredibly important to us. Calls are handled promptly in your office and service techs are there in a flash. We appreciate the support we get when we call in, your representatives are friendly, and they do a good job asking specifics on what the problems are and who needs to be contacted when the service representative arrives on site. On a side note, we really like how the screen on the machine will walk you through step by step (with pictures even) of how to fix 95% of all possible issues. It saves everyone time when we can make a quick fix rather than placing a service call.

“We really appreciate the work Hungate has done for us. It has been a really nice upgrade to our workflow. Thanks again!”