Your Office Staff Shouldn’t Hate Mail Day

Posted by on May 9, 2018

Not if your business or organization knows about the best and latest in mailing systems technology. Hungate Business Services (HBS) can now “ease your pain” related to the tedium of snail mail tasks, thanks to a new dealer-partnership we have with a nearly century-old company called FP Mailing Solutions.

Originally named Francotyp Postalia Mailing Solutions, FP is known for designing user-friendly mailing devices and for making numerous innovations to the mail industry. These include developing the first automatic postage meter in the United States; the first digital postage meter; the first inkjet machine; and, most recently, the first USPS® IMI compliant meter and product line. Due to this partnership, HBS can now provide local clients with amazing products – high-tech postage meters, folder inserters, etc. – at three levels of efficiency and output. These include the Small Business Series (designed for home and small businesses); the Office Series (for mid-sized businesses); and the Enterprise Series (for large businesses and corporations).

FP machines are made to interface with software products that “expand efficiency and capabilities of mailing processes,” such as providing postal accounting, reporting, rate shipping, and mail machine interfacing and control. For more about FP products, go to

How High-tech Mail Systems Reduce Company Costs

Applying modern mailing products not only makes mail tasks easier and quicker, but can also reduce company costs. We recently heard of one example, an industrial equipment supplier headquartered in Kentucky, that hadn’t updated its mailing equipment in decades. As a result, the company’s accounting department was having to hand-process three batches of invoices daily (3,500 invoices each month) using an antiquated folder/inserter machine to stuff envelopes. The situation required that invoices be manually sorted based on the number of pages for each customer and processed in batches – a time-consuming task. In addition, the old folder/inserter was prone to error, which meant someone had to babysit the machine in order to correct jams and mishaps during processing.

At some point, this company’s director of finance decided it was time to invest in an FPi-4700 folder-inserter, which could process up to 3,800 letters per hour. The machine has an interactive screen for easy directing, and invoices now go through in seconds rather than hours. With the new machine, labor costs have been cut by about 31 hours monthly – which, after recouping the initial investment, will save this company about $9,000 per year.

If you would like for HBS to audit your current mailing processes and guide you to the best in mailing machinery and software, contact us at (800) 827-5424 or (276) 783-5442. We serve Southwest Virginia, East Tennessee and Southern West Virginia.