Why HBS is Joining the Breast Cancer Fight

Posted by on Oct 3, 2016

During our 32-year history, Hungate Business Services (HBS) has often supported the work of or contributed to local causes – such as Agape Outreach, the Smyth County (Va.) Community Hospital Foundation, Claiborne County Healthcare Foundation and Kiwanis Club of Marion – to name a few.

Fight Breast Cancer

This year, we’re leaving our comfort zone and focusing on the work of the American Cancer Society. We made this decision because cancer recently hit close to home (an employee), making us all acutely aware of the illness’s impact.

While cancer death rates have declined over the last two decades for all four of the most common cancer types – lung, colorectal, breast, and prostate – more than 1.6 million new cancer cases are expected to occur during 2016 alone in the United States. An estimated 1,630 deaths take place daily due to the condition, and it’s the second most common cause of death, exceeded only by heart disease.

HBS is offering support toward defeating cancer by sponsoring a special offer during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is always in October. We chose breast cancer specifically, because it’s the most common type of cancer and touches the most lives.

What’s the plan? This month, we will be donating to the American Cancer Society a percentage of every sale made on color multifunction printers. Our goal is to raise as much money as possible to support the organization’s important work, which includes advancing breast cancer research; providing free information and support to those touched by the disease; and helping people to reduce their risk of contracting the disease in the first place.

If you’re a business or individual in need of a color multifunction printer, now is the time to upgrade your office equipment while also contributing to a great cause. Call us at 800-827-5424 or email info@hbsx.com to participate.

You should also be aware that local foot races are being held during October to support the cause, including the Making Strides in Tri-Cities 5K to be held October 30 (starts at 3 p.m.) at Johnson City’s Founders Park and the Komen Tri-Cities Race for the Cure set for Oct. 23 (starts at 3 p.m.) at Memorial Park in Kingsport. We can all make a difference if we try!