4 Ways Managed Print Services Can Benefit Your Business

Posted by on Jul 17, 2018


managed print serviceHas this happened to you?

You’ve just finished typing that important contract for a client that must be signed by 4 o’clock. You press print and go to retrieve it from the printer only to be greeted by a blinking light, a stalled printer and no contract. The printer is on the fritz again.  You’ll have to call the IT department to get it fixed. It may take hours before the printer is fixed.

Or, maybe this has happened?

You go to the printer to retrieve your document only to find the printer is out of ink and there are no spare ink cartridges in the office.  Now you have to call your supply department to order more cartridges. It may be days before new cartridges are delivered.

Now you may have to drive across town to an office supply store to buy the cartridges you need or hunt for another working printer in the office. All the while you are losing precious time.

What if your printer could tell someone it was having trouble before you had to print that important document? What if your office never ran out of toner or ink cartridges because your printer had them automatically delivered? That’s a dream, right?

No, it’s the 21stcentury reality of Managed Print Services. Managed Print Services turns all the printers in your office into smart printers.

Here are four ways that Managed Print Services can benefit your business:


If your office is like most, you may have different makes, brands and types of printers (ink jet, laser). Each printer has its own maintenance needs and different vendors to meet those needs. Additionally, the ink or toner for each printer may come from a separate vendor. When you use Managed Print Services (MPS) your MPS company will meet all your printer needs.

A company that offers MPS will come to your business, assess your needs and come up with a printing configuration that will work best for your company. Every printer in your office from the large workhorse printer to the individual inkjet printers can be managed through MPS.

With MPS secure software on your printers, the printer notifies the MPS company if it needs maintenance or when it is low on ink. Regular maintenance ensures that your business will not suffer printer problems. With MPS, your printer is continually maintained and new ink cartridges are delivered to your business.

Your MPS company handles everything.


According to Infotrends, a division of Keypoint Intelligence, that conducts studies regarding document solutions, printing and digital media, businesses can save as much as 30% per year by outsourcing their printing management to a service provider. That’s a savings, not only on maintenance, but also on print per page.

A study conducted by Citigroup-Environmental Defense Partnership noted that the average employee uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year at a cost of $.13 per page. That’s $1,300 per year.  Managed Print Services helps employers monitor printing and eliminate waste to substantially reduce the cost per page.


Now that all your printer needs are met with Managed Print Services, your employees have time to focus on their work. No more worries about lost efficiency to printer downtime. And, your IT department can focus on all things IT instead of printers.


Finally, Managed Print Services helps your office reduce printer waste. Reduction in printer waste is your first step to going green and becoming a sustainable office.  We will talk more about how you can make your office more sustainable in our next post.

Managed Print Services is worth considering if you are interested in saving money and increasing your office’s productivity.

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