Make Tax Filing Easier with Document Management Software

Posted by on Mar 14, 2018

Tax season is one of the most stressful times for businesses simply because documents fundamental to completing tax returns can often be elusive or missing altogether.

For most, it all comes down to how each organization has chosen to store and manage documents over the previous year. If you have thousands of electronic and hard documents to sort through, you won’t be efficient at tax time or able to efficiently address compliance and other legal issues that arise at other times.

Fortunately, we now have digital options that allow companies to “go paperless” – which not only makes them more efficient, but saves companies thousands of dollars annually. One survey conducted by the research firm Leger Marketing showed that a large number of small and medium-sized business owners in Canada still spent on average $2,152 each year managing and storing documents and about one hour daily searching for them.

Going paperless also lessens the need for paper, printer toner, printer maintenance, postage, mail supplies, and space-hogging file cabinets. Why invest time, energy and money into office functions that you can easily eliminate?

Let Hungate Business Services (HBS) acquaint you with various document management options that can make future tax filings remarkably easier. Rather than moving paper files around your office, our software can help you create a workflow to manage the processing. Such programs use indexes so searching and retrieval of documents is more flexible, allowing for multiple ways of locating documents. Customized features can also be integrated, such as reminders for executing specific tasks with automatic notifications sent to key users once tasks are completed.

How Our Document Management Works

Due to Hungate partnerships with qualified vendors – such as Square 9 Softworks and Xerox – we are well-versed in the latest, most innovative software for performing document capture, content management, variable data printing, and web forms management.

Using document management software will simplify your office operations by capturing, combining and sorting documents and electronic files into one convenient, accessible location. This can apply to paper files, electronic documents, email correspondence, and audio and video files. No longer will you have to spend time searching through online folders or shuffling through yards of physical files. Your information will be available to you within seconds at the click of your mouse.

Learn more about Hungate’s Document Management Services, by contacting us at (800) 827-5424 or (276) 783-5442. We serve Southwest Virginia, East Tennessee and Southern West Virginia.