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Let HBS Managed Services Lighten Your Load

Businesses and organizations today face an overwhelming range of demands every day. Hungate Business Services (HBS) is here to lighten the load. Let us manage the technology infrastructure so you can focus on your core business.

Our ongoing managed services are priced at a fixed monthly rate – based on the number of computers, servers, users and managed services used. Your costs will always be predictable.

Managed IT Services from HBS

We’re widely known in our region for expert IT management provided to smaller companies (less than 75 employees) and nonprofit entities. As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), we can essentially “become” your IT department – performing all the functions that a regular, in-house tech support team would.

We use the most advanced software available to proactively monitor your network hardware. Proactive monitoring tends to eliminate those crisis situations that can be devastating to any organization. Proactive monitoring also keeps the equipment and network operating at the highest level, so staff can be focused on the core business of the organization or company.

Security is also a critical component for managing any network. All HBS clients can expect to have networks that are highly secure from outside eyes. But we will also bring best practices to your organization so everyone understands what is required to maintain a secure work environment.

Disaster Recovery has to be part of the management strategy as well. What will happen if a critical piece of hardware fails? Or how will the organization recover from a fire, flood or other event that destroys critical data? Even though we expect to minimize crisis situations with our proactive management strategy, there still needs to be a plan in place for dealing with a disaster.

Vendor Management is another service option available to clients. We know how difficult it is when a malfunction occurs in your office systems. Often, it’s hard to pinpoint the origin of the problem; and, even after identifying its source, communication with vendors can be challenging. Why not relax and call on HBS to handle all your vendor contacting and follow-through for you?

As your vendor manager, HBS will serve as your technical representative and interact directly with vendors so you get the best possible service and the most from your technology and equipment investments. Contracting to have HBS’s Vendor Management will not only likely save on administrative costs, but also reduce office stress and make workloads lighter. Contact us today about adding Vendor Management to your Managed IT Services.

Need IT assistance? Contact Hungate Business Services at (276) 243-4026. We serve Southwest Virginia, East Tennessee and Southern West Virginia.

When Tablets, Handsets & Computers Collide

Posted September 28, 2012

As tablets and Wi-Fi-enabled handsets have become more popular, Washington County Public Library in Abingdon, Virginia, had a problem with users being able to use their network consistently.

As their local IT provider, we were asked to troubleshoot problems and find out why some devices would connect, while others wouldn’t. The library’s current setup was a home-use Linksys router that only allowed a limited number of connections and options. The range was fairly limited, and their community conference room had no connectivity at all.

After running extensive tests on their network, we saw that it was simply a case of information overload, with many of these devices competing for traffic and bandwidth. To fix the problem, we recommended (4) commercial grade Fortinet FAP221B Access Points. Once installed, these access Points covered the entire building and most of the parking lot. As a result, the device provides a stronger and more stable signal for all library users.

The network upgrade allows both new and old devices uninterrupted high-speed network access, by automatically switching between different frequencies. This technology is the latest generation of wireless hardware, enabling the advanced 802.11n feature set. In addition, it also provides a customizable disclaimer page that allows public users to use the wireless network after accepting the sign-on screen. Site access can easily be controlled for the library personnel and for the public; users are given access to websites based on rule sets.

The HBS-installed Fortinet Access Point solution in the Abingdon Branch has made a huge improvement in our patron’s and employee satisfaction with our e-book program and allows our patrons more flexibility in the use of our technology. When we were building our new Damascus branch, we reached out to Hungate Business Services again to install the same system in the new Damascus branch!

Teri Phillips, Technology Coordinator
Washington County Public Library, Abingdon, Virginia