To facilitate troubleshooting, please click the FAQ button below that best matches the category for which you need support.

Our repair and support staff is ready to serve you. Please contact us with your specific questions and needs.

Our repair and support staff is ready to serve you. Please contact us with your specific questions and needs.

Our repair and support staff is ready to serve you. Please contact us with your specific questions and needs.

If you’re having trouble with your phone system, the solution will depend on whether you’re using landlines or Internet-based (SIP) lines. SIP lines are frequently used with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems. All voice traffic is transmitted across your internal computer network and then out through your Internet provider’s network. Review the questions and answers below when your phone system fails. If you continue to have issues, don’t hesitate to connect with one of our technicians for help.

Q. Can you still get online and view websites?
A. If you have failing VoIP phone service, it’s important to confirm that your Internet connection is working before doing anything else. VoIP phone services rely on a working Internet to function; you will need to troubleshoot Internet issues before focusing on any VoIP problems.

Q. Is the cable from the wall/floor plugged into the network port on your phone?
A. Make sure all the cables and handsets used with your VoIP service are undamaged and plugged in securely. The network port on your connect cable carries an icon that resembles a field goal; the other end carries an icon that looks like a computer monitor. Before calling HBS tech service, make sure these are plugged in securely.

Q. For a VoIP phone system, have you tried rebooting the phone?
A. Because you may lose Internet connectivity during the reboot, make sure you close out whatever you have on your PC before starting. Next, you just need to hit the soft CONFIG button at the bottom left of your phone display; then scroll down and hit Reboot Phone.

Q. Is the problem affecting all extensions in the building?
A. Ask around to find out if others in your building are having the same issue. If they are and you’re on a VoIP phone system, then it’s likely that your Internet connection is at fault. Contact HBS and one of our technicians will assist you. For a landline (not VoIP), try plugging your phone into a different outlet to see if the problem goes away. If it does, then the wiring in (or to) the original outlet could be the problem. Phone wiring and outlet connection can degrade over time. They can also be damaged during installation or renovations. Lastly, phone wiring that runs alongside electrical wiring can pick up interference. It might require a trained technician to narrow down the culprit.

Q. Are you using a cordless handset or phone with your VoIP service?
A. If so, then it’s possible your handset isn’t getting sufficient power due to weak or failing batteries. Only rechargeable batteries should be used in a cordless handset.

Q. Is the problem persistent, or does it only happen on some calls?
A. If the issue occurs just when you connect with certain clients, then the problem likely lies with the client’s phone system, not yours.

Q. Do you have a spare phone that could replace the one you are using?
A. If so, then switch them out. The problem might simply be a defective handset or phone. Contact us if you want some spare phones to keep on hand so work time isn’t compromised.